About us

High-end mathematical modelling and data analysis can be one of the most cost-effective ways for a company to gain a competitive advantage. QED Analytics brings together different areas of expertise to provide the highest quality solutions for clients in the form of custom-built software and quantitative models. QED Analytics has provided solutions for many leading organisations in a range of industries, from financial and legal services to genetics and high-performance sport.

Bespoke service

We take the time to fully understand your problem so that we can create bespoke software that truly addresses the underlying challenges. Being a small and agile organisation, we pride ourselves on being able to meet extremely demanding deadlines and have a reputation of providing an exceptional return on investment. In one of our earliest projects, we developed a full solution within ten days to a client whose team of experts had been working on the problem for the past year.


Whilst we have specific areas of expertise, most notably in mathematical optimisation, real-world problems generally require a combination of different ideas and a degree of creativity in order to produce an effective solution. Rather than offering one particular product, we strive to develop new tools that are used in conjunction with established techniques. Often, an established technique in one field can provide an innovative solution in another. In this respect, our involvement at the cutting-edge of research in a wide range of industries provides a great advantage.

Industrial experience

We have been involved in a very wide range of projects, many of which have combined software development, data analytics and optimisation. Some of the industries in which we have provided cutting-edge solutions involve security, financial technology, healthcare, legal services, social media, Olympic and high-performance sport, strategy design and policy advice.

Selected clients


Zubin Siganporia

Zubin founded QED Analytics in 2011 with the aim of using a mathematical approach to solve real-world problems in industry.

Alongside his work with the company, Zubin holds several positions at Oxford. After graduating in mathematics with the highest average combined examination and dissertation marks across the university, he became a lecturer and tutor in pure mathematics at St Catherine’s College, and an industrial research fellow at the Mathematical Institute. Zubin has tutored nineteen different courses at Oxford and was awarded a teaching prize by the Mathematical Institute in 2015. He recently became the first mathematician to be voted as the most outstanding overall tutor in Mathematical, Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences throughout Oxford University. Zubin regularly presents his work to non-specialists as well as experts in both industrial and academic settings.

Outside of work, Zubin is involved in a number of outreach projects to inspire schoolchildren in areas of mathematics and science. He is a classical guitar recitalist, has played chess internationally, and currently competes internationally in racketlon, a multidisciplinary sport combining table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. When he isn’t playing sport, he spends some of his spare time giving card magic and hypnosis shows.